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Yes you are beautiful but are you healthy?


Being healthy can open you up your world, forever changing the way you feel, your body, your mindset and even how you view others around you. But being healthy has nothing to do with being beautiful or does it?

Chocolate Mousse made with Avocado

I recently bought 'Luke and Scott Clean Living Cookbook' and to say I was a little excited by the simplicity of the recipes, the whole ingredients and making some of the amazing food is a bit of an understatment

Clean and Lean Pancakes

You may be asking what is a Clean and Lean Pancake mean?  This is a term I use for food that uses natural ingredients that are perfect for your internal health, to speed up your metabolism and assist with weight loss.

The Key to Longevity - 5 Things You Should Know

 ABC0225 copyDid you know by the age of 40 you have approximately 5 undiagnosed diseases and by 50, 10 undiagnosed diseases? Dr. John Hart, Bachelor of Medicine and Functional Medicine Doctor (a health detective of sorts) shares with us HOW to live a longer life – healthy!

The Magic Bean Cake

Do you agree some days require a nice, yummy  piece of chocolate cake to have with a cup of tea in the morning BUT who wants to eat cake and destroy all the good work you have done getting fitter, toner and losng weight?