Did you know this about coffee? (latest findings)


Your daily cup coffee may be better for your health than you first realised. 

The benefits of coffee has been a controversial one with advocates stating that coffee is a good anti-oxidant and good for your brain while the opposition protest that coffee is bad for your blood pressure, insomnia and can increase your heart rate.

But the latest scientific evidence is showing coffee to be much more than just an anti-oxidant and just 2 cups a day can reduce your risk of cancer as you age.

Interestingly,  LIVER cancer is the 3rd leading cause of mortality cancer in the world (it makes sense to look after your liver)

A quarter of a century ago, New England journal of medicine showed that coffee drinkers had lower liver enzymes and less fibrous and scarring of the liver (in other words, a low liver enzyme suggests a healthy liver).

This 1 study, even though interesting, did not cause much of a stir in the medical field.

More Recently however Studies with the New England Journal of Medicine have discovered:

2 cups of coffee a day2 cups of Coffee a day

Reduces mortality rates of chronic liver disease by 50%

Reduces the risk of endometrial, colon, skin, liver and prostate cancer by 40%

Protects Diabetes Type 2 sufferers of cardiovascular disease by up to 30%

I can almost hear you asking the question does it have to be coffee?  Can it be tea for instance?

Apparently not. 

coffee1The studies have concluded (and proven) that it is not the caffeine (found in coffee, tea, cola etc) but another active substance only found in coffee.  The interesting thing is that decaf coffee will also give benefits to your liver health.

Is it beneficial to drink organic coffee rather than the coffee found in most coffee shops?

Studies have not proven if organic coffee is better than ordinary, every day coffee.

Final Thought:

Up until I discovered these studies, I have always promoted to my clients losing weight to reduce their intake of coffee.  My understanding of coffee is that the caffeine does spike adrenaline in your body.  This in turn releases energy (sugar) into the blood stream and if not used as energy, can store as body fat.  I have proven this theory over and over again with many clients losing many centimetres off their waist and hips in just 14 days of stopping coffee.

On the flip side, I also promote a healthy liver.   After all, the healthier the liver, the better results in regards to weight loss.  You may be surprised to learn that one of the liver’s tasks is to remove toxins from the body not to mention breaking down fat cells to produce energy. 

All good news for those losing weight!

So this leaves me with mixed feelings and leads me to my favourite statement.

that is:

Test and Measure!


If weight loss and losing centimetres is your goal:

Step 1.   Weigh yourself , measure your waist and hips and record.

Drink 2 cups of coffee a day (before 2pm) without sugar for 14 days and re-measure and weigh yourself. 

Record this.

Step 2.   The next 2 weeks

Drink NO coffee for 14 days.  Re-measure and weigh yourself.

What did you discover?

I would love to hear your results.

Yours in health

Dana Eden

FAB 6162

I am a qualified Personal Trainer who is passionate about women, improving our health and fitness as we age and creating a body that will support your daily life, whatever that may be, without disease and pain through nutrition and healthy exercise habits.  I am the creator of the 12 Week Lean body system, a program that educates you on HOW to speed up your metabolism, lose weight and slow down the ageing process.