Yes you are beautiful but are you healthy?


Being healthy can open you up your world, forever changing the way you feel, your body, your mindset and even how you view others around you. But being healthy has nothing to do with being beautiful or does it?

 If woman were beautiful (no matter what their shape or size), why, when we see a photo of a fat woman do we often make judgments about her beauty?

Sadly, that is because the first thing woman notice about each other is how fat they are.

For the study, 2,000 women aged between 18 and 45 were questioned about how they formed first impressions and this is what the study discovered:-

What the majority of women think within 20 seconds of meeting each other:

  • How fat the other is   54%
  • Whether they are wearing too much make up 45%
  • Each other's dress sense 40%

And so the list goes on…

  • How they have styled their hair
  • Their smile
  • Skin and spots
  • How tall they are
  • If they have noticeable hair roots
  • If they have over done the fake tan
  • How they have done their eye make up
  • Their shoes
  • How big their boobs are
  • If she has tattoos
  • How short their skirt is
  • How straight their teeth are
  • Jewellery
  • What man they're with
  • Whether or not they have white teeth
  • Whether they have manicured nails

To stop those first thoughts is impossible for most of us (science confirms this) but if we continue to believe our bullshit first judgments, that have us size up each other in the first 20 seconds of meeting, what hope do we have of our daughters, our granddaughters and other woman seeing and accepting each other as beautiful?  What amazing friendships are we missing out on? And are we contributing to a society that believes woman need to ‘fit the norm’ to be beautiful?


Being Healthy on the other hand is a completely DIFFERENT story and should spark concern in all of us.

The definition of  ‘Healthy’ is being in good physical and mental shape and having a body without disease. 

With 62% of women either not doing any exercise, or very low levels of exercise, and 62% of women classed as overweight or obese, woman’s health is at risk.

By losing those extra kilos and getting your fitness in order will certainly pay off. 

Stop Delaying. 

Here are 10 GREAT reasons WHY you should start back on your journey to health and fitness today

  1. Reduces your risk of osteoporosis
  2. Reduces your risk of dementia and helps you improve your memory
  3. Improves your sex life
  4. Prevents muscle loss.
  5. Improves digestion
  6. Reduces stress, depression and anxiety
  7. Enhances mental performance
  8. Reduces risk of lung, colon and breast cancer
  9. Helps reduce stroke severity
  10. Improves skin


YES you are beautiful but are you healthy?

Following are your 3 easy steps to take back your control and feel all the awesomeness that comes with being fit, healthy and strong.

STEP 1   DECIDE to be stronger than your excuses

STEP 2   CREATE a plan

STEP 3   START – take the first step, it is often the hardest

Final Thought

I, like you, am a work in progress.  I am by no means perfect and YES I also ‘fall off the wagon’. 

I am guilty of judging other woman in the first moments of meeting some one new and PRACTICE acknowledging my thoughts, have a giggle at what I thought and then continue treating every woman with respect, kindness and love. 

As it turns out, this has proven to be very powerful. I am blessed to meet some incredible woman who has taught me many life lessons – some with tattoos, some old, some with pink hair, some who swear and others who are very overweight.  They are all beautiful, intelligent woman to me and I hope together we can continue to work on our health, fitness and our future wellbeing.

Yours in health

Dana Eden.

FAB 6162

I am a qualified Personal Trainer who is passionate about women, improving our health and fitness as we age and creating a body that will support your daily life, whatever that may be, without disease and pain through nutrition and healthy exercise habits.  I am the creator of the 12 Week Lean body system, a program that educates you on HOW to speed up your metabolism, lose weight and slow down the ageing process.